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ECO – Economizers


Prominent Features

• Economizers are heat recovery devices that utilize the heat of the boiler exhaust gas and meet the boiler feed water or the energy need at a point in need of heat.

• They can be manufactured in coiled water tube, finned water tube, cassette type or smoke tube type according to boiler type and model.

• Proportional water level control system is preferred in boiler feed water heating systems.

• Shipped with long-lasting insulation that minimizes heat losses.

• PED2014/68 CE directives

• Our welded productions are carried out by certified welders according to approved WPS and WPQRs. MIG-MAG and SMAW welding techniques are applied during production in accordance with the norms.

• They are manufactured by using high quality, certified boiler sheet and seamless boiler tubes in accordance with standard requirements.

System Elements

• Economizer water inlet valve

• Economizer water outlet valve

• Economizer by-pass valve

• Economizer inlet check valve

• Economizer outlet check valve

• Safety valve

• Manometer and 3-way connection valve

• Input temperature sensor

• Output temperature sensor

• 1 set of water level controller

• Drain valve

• Economizer body

• Cover plate

• Insulation

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