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WCVG – Vibrating Grate System


Prominent Features

• WCVG is one of the newest technologies used in the combustion of various types of solid fuels.

• With the water cooled grate area, high hearth temperatures can be reached without damaging the system. The system provides flexibility in burning a wide range of solid fuels and biomass types.

• The WCVG system, which has a more simple mechanical equipment, has advantages such as low maintenance costs and the need for periodic maintenance in less frequent intervals compared to similar systems.

• Water-cooled vibrating grate system was developed by AKKAYA Inc to ensure high efficiency and safe operation.

• WCVG system can be used with YSB and YHYB model steam boilers and YS, YHYBWB model hot water boilers.

• Grates are sized and produced in accordance with the selected boiler model and capacity.

• It is recommended to use solid fuels with minimum 5 mm, maximum 50 mm dimensions, low ash and slag making capability and, depending on the structure, with 20% – 55% moisture in WCVG systems.

• Fuel is transferred from the bunker to the grate via auger, pneumatic conveyor or hydraulic thrust mechanism. There are primary and secondary air fans and dampers in the furnace of the boiler.

System Elements

• Akkaya water cooled vibrating grate system AKK-WCVG

• Grate pipes

• Vibration mechanism

• Ash discharge valve

• Ash discharge flaps • Ash discharge shaft

• Ash discharge chamber

• Ash extraction auger

• Engines

• Concrete Lower Substrate

• Cover plate

• Refractory

• Front furnace frame

• Front furnace flexible hose

• Primary air duct

• Fuel supply system

• Fuel bunker


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