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HRTOH / H – Waste Heat Thermal Oil Heaters

  • Heat generation capacity: 200 kW - 2500 kW
  • Fuel Type: Waste gas

Prominent Features

• The HRTOH-H model horizontal heat recovery thermal oil heaters are designed for systems in which process waste gases or biogas / syngas obtained with gasifiers and similar devices are used as heat sources to meet the heat requirements for various purposes.

• Horizontal or vertical design with coiled tubes provides high efficiency.

• With heat transfer oils of suitable chemical content, can safely reach a high operating temperature such as 300oC with 6 bar operating pressure.

• Thermal oil heaters, designed in such a way that the velocity of the oil in the coil is in the range of 2.5 – 3 m / sec, ensures the protection of the chemical structure and heat carrying capacity of the heat transfer oil.

• Thanks to its damper motorized flap and gas side by-pass design inside its body, there is no by-pass channel cost.

• Oil and gas side pressure losses are low. Thus, the investment cost and energy consumption of the selected equipment is lower.

• By obstructing the thermal bridges that may occur while lifting or by insulation substructure materials on the heater body, thermal losses are minimized.

• Can be supplied with open or nitrogen cushioned expansion tank.

• Repair and replacement of coiled tubes is very easy with its service doors and easy disassembly.

• Optional systems such as “Automatic Ash Removing System” and “Automatic Tube Cleaning System” that provide operator-free operation, allow efficient, stable and fully automatic controlled operation.

• The flue gas filter selected in accordance with the fuel characteristics (“Multicyclone“, “Cyclone“, “Wet Flue Filter“, “Bag Filter“) ensures that the emission values are kept below the permissible limits.

• Provides safe and stable operation thanks to high quality safety equipment.

• Thanks to PLC controlled touch screen control panel, quick technical support can be obtained from anywhere in the world with easy operation and remote access from mobile devices.

• Shipped with long-lasting insulation that minimizes heat losses.

• Production in accordance with EN12952 and PED2014/68 CE directives

• Welding check of our boilers is carried out with non-destructive testing (NDT) within the scope and ratios specified in EN 12952-6.

• Our welded productions are carried out by certified welders according to approved WPS and WPQRs. MIG-MAG and SMAW welding techniques are applied during production in accordance with the norms.

• They are manufactured by using high quality, certified boiler sheet and seamless boiler tubes in accordance with standard requirements.

System Elements

• Akkaya high efficiency and coiled tube heat recovery thermal oil heater

• High quality heater oil inlet and outlet valve

• Heater oil inlet and outlet temperature sensor

• Heater oil inlet and outlet pressure transmitter

• Heater oil inlet and outlet manometer and 3 way connection valve

• Heater oil inlet and outlet pressure switch

• Heater oil inlet and outlet thermometer

• 1 operating ,1 stand-by ,long lasting thermal oil circulation pump group with inlet valves, filters, compensators and check valves

• Heater oil inlet and outlet air vent valve

• Ari Armaturen brand safety valve

• Flue temperature sensor

• Heater leakage tank and accessories

• Thermal oil filling pump and accessories

• Deaerator tank and accessories

• Expansion tank and accessories (open or nitrogen cushioned closed type)

• PLC based touch screen and remote access control panel

• Automatic Ash Removing System, Automatic Tube Cleaning System (Optional)


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