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HRTOH /HLZ – Waste Heat Thermal Oil Heaters

  • Heat generation capacity: 232 kW - 25000 kW
  • Fuel Type: Waste gas

Prominent Features

• HRTOH-HLZ model helizoidal heat recovery thermal oil heaters are designed for systems where process waste gases or biogas / syngas are used as heat sources to meet the heat requirements for various purposes.

• Helizoidal type design is patented to Akkaya Inc under TPE-2006-00598 and provides significant advantages in thermal oil applications. Thanks to this design, the risk of cracking and deterioration due to the long-term stability of the thermal oil in the boiler is eliminated. In addition, as a result of the helizoidal structure, the length of the pipe that the oil will circulate and the lengths obtained in the design calculations can be done precisely.

• With proper selected heat transfer oils, system can safely reach a high operating temperature such as 300oC with 6 bar operating pressure.

• Thermal oil heaters, designed in such a way that the velocity of the oil in the coil is in the range of 2.5 – 3 m / sec, ensures the protection of the chemical structure and heat carrying capacity of the heat transfer oil.

• In order to obtain the required heat transfer surface, they are manufactured in parallel connected towers consisting of bundles of wet type helizoidal pipes joined in a sufficient number of groups.

• Heat transfer tube bundles can be added to each other in any number and this design provides capacity flexibility in HRTOH-HLZ boilers.

• Oil and gas side pressure losses are low. Thus, the investment cost and energy consumption of the selected equipment is lower.

• Repair and replacement of helizoidal tube bundles is easy with its service doors and easy disassembly.

• The system is designed to ensure continuous operation in case of any problems (leakage, corrosion, etc.). Since the pipe bundles are independent of each other, it is only possible for the pipe bundle in which the problem occurs to be blinded to the maintenance and repair work to be performed and the system to operate continuously with other pipe bundles.

• By obstructing the thermal bridges that may occur while lifting or by insulation substructure materials on the heater body, thermal losses are minimized.

• Can be supplied with open or nitrogen cushioned expansion tank.

• The pneumatic boiler cleaning system, which works with compressed air, can be added according to the waste gas characteristics to clean the spaces between the automatic ash extractors and pipe bundles located under each tower.

• Optional systems such as “Automatic Ash Removing System” and “Automatic Tube Cleaning System” helps to obtain efficient, stable and fully automatic controlled operation.

• The flue gas filter selected in accordance with the fuel characteristics (“Multicyclone”, “Cyclone”, “Wet Flue Filter”, “Bag Filter”) ensures that the emission values are kept below the permissible limits.

• Provides safe and stable operation thanks to high quality safety equipment.

• Thanks to PLC controlled touch screen control panel, quick technical support can be obtained from anywhere in the world with easy operation and remote access from mobile devices.

• Shipped with long-lasting insulation that minimizes heat losses.

• Production in accordance with EN12952 and PED2014/68 CE directives

• Welding check of our boilers is carried out with non-destructive testing (NDT) within the scope and ratios specified in EN 12952-6.

• Our welded productions are carried out by certified welders according to approved WPS and WPQRs. MIG-MAG and SMAW welding techniques are applied during production in accordance with the norms.

• They are manufactured by using high quality, certified boiler sheet and seamless boiler tubes in accordance with standard requirements.

System Elements

• Akkaya high efficiency and horizontal thermal oil heater with helizoidal coiled tubes

• High quality heater oil inlet and outlet valve

• Heater oil inlet and outlet temperature sensor

• Heater oil inlet and outlet pressure transmitter

• Heater oil inlet and outlet manometer and 3 way connection valve

• Heater oil inlet and outlet pressure switch

• Heater oil inlet and outlet thermometer

• 1 operating, 1 stand-by, long lasting thermal oil circulation pump group with inlet valves, filters, compensators and check valves

• Heater oil inlet and outlet air vent valve

• Ari Armaturen brand safety valve

• Flue temperature sensor

• Heater leakage tank and accessories

• Thermal oil filling pump and accessories

• Deaerator tank and accessories

• Expansion tank and accessories (open or nitrogen cushioned closed type)

• PLC based touch screen and remote access control panel

• Automatic Ash Removing System, Automatic Tube Cleaning System (Optional)

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