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EHWB-Electric (25-5000 kW)

  • Operating Pressure:0,5 bar…20 bar
  • Isolation Material:50 mm rockwool, covered with PVC laminated, min. 0,7 mm galvanized steel
  • Fuel Type:Electricity (230/400/690 V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz)

Prominent Features

• EHWB model boilers are designed and manufactured according to the system
which transfers the heat via submerged electrical resistance heaters to the water.

• EHWB boilers are cylindrical vessels with proper resistance connection flanged nozzles. For small capacities vertical cylindrical vessel design is preferred, for high capacities horizontal design is used.

• The electrical resistance heat load is selected as less than 10 W/cm2.

• Multiple flanged connected resistance heaters are selected to be able to continue
the boiler operation in case of a heater element failure.

System Elements

• Akkaya high efficiency cylindrical, /superheated water boiler

• Electrical resistance heaters

• Boiler hot water flow/return valves

• Boiler filling and drain valves

• Boiler air valve

• Boiler thermometer

• PLC based touch screen and remote access control panel

• Safety valve

• Manometer and 3-way connection valve

• Pressure switch

• Pressure transmitter

• Boiler temperature sensor (operation)

• Boiler temperature switch (safety)

• Circulation Pump Group, Expansion Tank, Fast Water Heating Tank, Accumulation Tank

• Hinged door for easy access to the heating element is provided. By this way the
replacement and maintenance of the heaters can be done easily.

• The boiler body is designed according to PED2014/68 directive and CE marked.

• EN12953, EN13445 & EN1090 norms are followed where applicable.

• Akkaya Boilers has ISO3834 & ISO9001 quality system certificates.

Technical Table

Maximum Heating Capacity (kW)25501001201502002503003504004505006007008009001.0001.2501.5002.0002.5003.0003.5004.0004.5005.000
Min Water Flow Rate
(ΔT 20°C) (m3/h)
Lenght (mm)15001500160017001700180023002000230025002600280028003000320029003100360033003500400045004600500054004900
Width (mm)500700800800900100010001100110012001200120014001400140016001600160018002000200022002200220022002400
Height (mm)700900100010001100120012001300130014001400140016001600160018001800180020002200220024002400240024002600
**Weight (kg)21032044045056068080090091012001250135015501700195020502200250027003600430048005000540061006200

• Akkaya Inc reserves the right to make changes to the specifications.


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