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STK – Stoker


Prominent Features

• Stokers are systems in which solid fuels are transferred to the combustion chamber by means of an auger and combustion occurs at the top of the chamber.

• Stokers can be used with YSB and YHYB model steam boilers, KYK HLZ model thermal oil boilers and YS, YHYBWB model hot water boilers. Stoker number and capacities are selected according to boiler model and capacity.

• Stokers are recommended for the use of solid fuels with a minimum size of 5 mm and a maximum of 50 mm, low in ash and slag formation and with a maximum moisture content of 20%.

• Stoker bodies are manufactured from cast material with high resistance to high temperatures.

• Thick material is selected for auger leaves and shaft is made of full material.

• Gearboxes with appropriate capacity are selected to ensure trouble-free operation of the system.

• Stokers have 2-stage fire extinguishing, mechanical, water-cooled flame return prevention and bunker drainage and flame return systems operating with electric temperature controller. The flame return prevention system protects the system even in the event of a power failure.

• Bunker fuel level control automation is available upon request.

• Primary air fans are provided for homogeneous and optimum combustion.

System Elements

• Akkaya automatic under feed stoker system AKK-STK

• Fuel feed auger

• Fuel feed shaft

• Ash extraction augers

• Stoker grate sections

• Primary and secondary air fans

• Pneumatic actuator

• Fuel safety system

• Firefighting system

• Fans

• Fuel bunker

• Engines

• Secondary fuel feed shaft and augers

• Support legs


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