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TFB – Oil/Gas ( 20.000 – 30.000 kg/h)

  • Steam generation capacity: 320 kg/h - 18000 kg/h
  • Operating Pressure: 0.5-20 Bar
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel, Fuel Oil

Prominent Features

• Scotch type, 3-pass design with double furnace provides low flue gas temperatures and high efficiency.

• Design, production and commissioning can be carried out with economizer and steam superheater unit upon request.

• It has high steam generation capacity thanks to the design with double furnace. In addition, it provides fuel saving thanks to its wide steam generation modulation with its double burner design.

• The heating surfaces are clear and true values. The total area of heat transfer in the boiler is given clearly and accurately.

• Provides safe and stable operation thanks to high quality safety equipment.

• Thanks to PLC controlled touch screen control panel, quick technical support can be obtained from anywhere in the world with easy operation and remote access from mobile devices.

• Shipped with long-lasting insulation that minimizes heat losses.

• The boiler is manufactured as corrugated and firebox corrugated according to operating pressure values. The strength of the boiler and its resistance to thermal stresses are thus increased.

• Production in accordance with EN12953 and PED2014 / 68 CE directive

• Welding control of our boilers is carried out with ULTRASONIC test within the scope specified in EN 12953.

• After the boiler tubes are fixed to the boiler mirror with roller expander, welding process is applied. The risk of cracks in welds due to thermal stresses occurring in boiler tubes is eliminated.

• Our welded productions are carried out by certified welders according to approved WPS and WPQRs. Automatic submerged arc welding, MIG-MAG and SMAW welding techniques are applied in accordance with the norms.

• They are manufactured by using high quality, certified boiler sheet and seamless boiler tubes in accordance with standard requirements.

System Elements

• Akkaya high efficiency cylindrical, double furnace, scotch type 3-pass steam boiler Burner

• 1 operating ,1 stand-by Grundfos brand feed water pump group with valves, filters and check valves

• PLC based touch screen and remote access control panel

• Isolated feed water tank including level controller, water inlet solenoid valve group and level indicator (steam heating on request)

• Safety valve

• Water softening system

• High quality electronic water level control systems

• Manometer and 3-way connection valve

• Reflex glass water level indicator • Pressure switch

• Pressure transmitter

• Vacuum breaker and shut-off valve

• Steam temperature sensor

• Flue temperature sensor

• High quality steam exit valve, water inlet valve and check valve

• Surface blowdown valve

• Bottom blowdown valve and bottom blowdown shut-off valve

• Economizer, Recuperator, Thermic Deaerator, Automatic Bottom and Surface Blowdown Systems, (Optional)

Technical Table

Steam Production CapacityF&A 100°C (kg/h)20000220002400025000260002800030000
Max. Working Pressure (bar g)20202020202020
Total Heat Transfer Surface Area (m2) 500550600 625650700750
Thermal Capacity (kW)13953153491674417442181401953520930
Thermal Capacity (kcal/h) 12.500.00013.750.000 15.000.000 15.625.00016.250.00017.500.00018.750.000
Burner Heating Capacity (kW)164161805719699 20520213412298224624
Fuel Consumption/Diesel (kg/h)1377151516531722179119282066
Fuel Consumption/Natural Gas @ 300 mbar (Nm3/h)1711188220532139 222523962567
Fuel Consumption/LPG @ 300 mbar (kg/h)1283 14121540160416681797 1925
Length (L) (mm)76008400775082508600 8800 9200
Width (W) (mm)4000 400043004300430043004300
Height (H) (mm)4700470050005000500050005000
Weight (kg)*36000400004400046000480005200054000
  • *10 bar, empty boiler body
  • Akkaya A.Ş. keeps the right to make any modifications on dimensions and design.


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