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KBB – Oil/Gas (300 – 4000 kg/h)

  • Steam generation capacity: 300 kg/h - 3000 kg/h
  • Operating Pressure: 0.5-20 Bar
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel, Fuel Oil

Prominent Features

• Thanks to the design of the two pass, reverse flame type, fast and high quality steam production is achieved in a short time and with high efficiency.

• By the use of special designed turbulators and well selected firetube layout a compact design with sufficient efficiency has been reached.

• Due to its compact structure, it occupies minimum space in facilities.

• Design, production and commissioning can be carried out with economizer and steam superheater unit upon request.

• Provides safe and stable operation thanks to high quality safety equipment.

• Thanks to PLC controlled touch screen control panel, quick technical support can be obtained from anywhere in the world with easy operation and remote access from mobile devices.

• Shipped with long-lasting insulation that minimizes heat losses.

• The boiler is manufactured as corrugated and firebox corrugated according to operating pressure values. The strength of the boiler and its resistance to thermal stresses are thus increased.

• Production in accordance with EN12953 and PED2014 / 68 CE directive

• Welding control of our boilers is carried out with ULTRASONIC test within the scope specified in EN 12953 and according to EN 473

• Our welded productions are carried out by certified welders according to approved WPS and WPQRs. Automatic submerged arc welding, MIG-MAG and SMAW welding techniques are applied in accordance with the norms.

• They are manufactured by using high quality, certified boiler sheet and seamless boiler tubes in accordance with standard requirements.

System Elements

• Akkaya 2 pass, reverse flame type steam boiler


• 1 operating ,1 stand-by Grundfos brand feed water pump group with valves, filters and check valves

• PLC based touch screen and remote access control panel

• Isolated feed water tank including level controller, water inlet solenoid valve group and level indicator (steam heating on request)

• Safety valve

• Water softening system

• High quality electronic water level control systems

• Manometer and 3-way connection valve

• Reflex glass water level indicator

• Pressure switch • Pressure transmitter

• Vacuum breaker and shut-off valve

• Steam temperature sensor

• Flue temperature sensor

• High quality steam exit valve, water inlet valve and check valve

• Surface blowdown valve

• Bottom blowdown valve and bottom blowdown shut-off valve

• Economizer, Recuperator, Thermic Deaerator, Automatic Bottom and Surface Blowdown Systems, (Optional)

Technical Table

Steam Generation Capacity (kg/h)30050075010001250150020002500300035004000
Max. Working Pressure (bar g)2020202020202020202020
Thermal Capacity (kW)209349523698872104713951744209324402791
Thermal Capacity (kcal/h)180K300K450K600K750K900K1.2 M1.5 M1.8 M2.1 M2.4 M
Fuel Consumption/Diesel (kg/h)2134526986103138172207240275
Fuel Consumption/Natural Gas @ 300 mbar (Nm3/h)26436486107128171214257299342
Fuel Consumption/LPG @ 300 mbar (kg/h)193248648096128160193225257
Length (L) (mm)19502500275033503400370032503800440042504850
Width (W) (mm)12751275140014001550155019501950195022002200
Height (H) (mm)14951495162016201770177021702170217024202420
Weight (kg)*15001800240027003200350046005200600073008300
  • *For empty, 6 bar boiler body without accessories.
  • Akkaya Inc reserves the right to make changes to the specifications.


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