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About Us

Akkaya Heating Instruments and Natural Gas Ind. And Trd. Inc. was established in 1964. Our company has been operating in the production and sales of heating instruments since the day its foundation. Steam boilers, hot water boilers, hot oil boilers, solid fuel combustion systems, and boiler room auxiliary equipment are the main products of Akkaya Inc.

Established in the Konya 1. organized Region on a 13000 m2 open area, our company operates in its modern and big facility in accordance with the ISO9001-2015 quality system. Our company has been ISO 9001-2015 certified since 2003. Our boilers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the PED European pressure vessel directive, and all our related products have the CE certificate.

The Installation, commissioning and after-sales services of all our projects are carried out by our in-house service team.

Increasing its market share in more than 20 countries all over the world every year, Akkaya Inc continues to grow steadily and decisively.

New technologies are adapted to both product groups and production equipment without any delay, and our engineers continue their research and development activities to improve existing products and design new products.

Our experience of more than half a century in the boiler industry is our most important strength to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

We would be honored to provide the best services to you just as we do our existing customers all around the world.

Our Founder


Ali AKKAYA was born in Konya in 1940. After his middle and high school education in Konya, his father, who was a carpenter, said to him, “Carpentry is a fine profession, but the real profession is the one who shapes iron with iron and then makes it fly in the air, you should become a mechanical engineer,” so he studied mechanical engineering.

He graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 1962 as a Senior Engineer. His command of English and German, his approach to life where he blended the knowledge of Islam he inherited from his grandmother with positive sciences, and the personal perspective he developed beside his father from the age of 12, led him to work in the private sector.

Ali AKKAYA established the Akkaya collective company in 1962 which was the first heating and steam boiler manufacturing company in Konya. He has developed his business as the owner of 3 new inventions (letters patent) in burner and boiler manufacturing. In 1984, he transformed his company into Akkaya Heating Instruments and Natural Gas Ind. And Trd. Inc. by making his three children, a business graduate, an industrial engineer, and a mechanical engineer, partners in the company.

He led the establishment of the “Chamber of Industry” in Konya in 1974 and served as the chairman of the enterprising committee, during 8 years as chairman, he played major roles in the foundation of Konya Selçuk University, in the foundation of the 2. Organized industry region, in bringing a customs office to Konya and in the commencement of flights.

After the age of 70, he attended the Komek Konya Vocational Training courses and learned Arabic, and with the support of this acquisition, he completed his second university education and was entitled to receive the associate degree diploma of theology faculty of Anadolu University.


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Our Quality Policy

Adhering the legal and quality management system requirements, increasing our reliability in the national and international markets by improving quality and customer satisfaction and ensuring continuous improvement in all our activities regarding all production, sales and service activities for boilers, burners and heating instruments.
Ahmet Cevat AKKAYA
General Manager
Our Quality Policy


Akkaya in Numbers


m² production area


years of experience


exports to countries




Akkaya was established with the aim of producing heating boilers.


An agreement for burner production and distributorship was signed with Blowtherm, an Italian company.


The company moved to its current location with a 13,000-square-meter surface area.


The TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) Certificate of Compliance for burners was obtained.


The limited company structure was transformed into an incorporated company structure.


The TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) Certificate of Compliance for boilers was obtained.


In addition to 2130 m2 closed area, investment for a 320 m2 production and an office building was made.


The agreement with Blowtherm was updated to cover gas applications.


In addition to 2450 m2 closed area, investment for a 700 m2 warehouse building was made.


With the goal of increasing production capacity, investments were made for additional machinery and equipment.


In addition to the 3150 m2 closed area, investments for a 850 m2 steel sheet warehouse and a production building for large capacity devices were made.


The welding personnel were certified according to EN 9606.


The company obtained the IS09001-2000 quality management certificate.


License for natural gas installation works was obtained.


The TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) Certificate of Compliance for gas burners was obtained


NDT (Non-Destructive Test) applications began to be used for the production of steam boilers.


Bureau Veritas (NB0062) and PED97/23 Mod. B + F certification work for steam boilers was completed.


The Istanbul office was opened.


TSE (NB 1783) and PED97/23 Mod. D certification work for steam boilers was completed.


The Izmir sales unit began operation.


TSE (NB 1783) and PED97/23 Mod. H certification work for steam boilers was completed.


Machine investments were made to increase capacity.


New crane system investment was made for the production of large capacity boilers.


CE certifications were extended to include electric steam generators, hot water boilers and hot oil boilers.


Investment for the restoration of the administrative building was made.


R&D studies for the new solid fuel grill system and flue gas filtration system were completed and the production of WCVG (Water Cooled Vibrating Grill) system started.


R&D studies on new generation hot water and steam boilers using solid fuel YHYB S YHYBVVB (semi-hybrid) models were carried out.


The office building was redesigned designs and investments were made to include landscaping as well.


UT certifications were renewed in line with EN 9712.


Module B + F CE certification for boilers according to 2014/68/EU was completed in collaboration with TUV Austria SERVICES GMBH.


R&D and implementation work for biomass fired boiler applications for the Cogeneration and Power Plant projects were carried out.


New heat recovery and hot oil boiler design works for the ORC applications were carried out.


Module B + F CE certification for boilers according to 2014/68/EU was completed in collaboration with TUV Austria SERVICES GMBH.


Quality Management System was renewed according to ISO9001: 2015


TSE and Module H1 CE certifications for boilers according to 2014/68 / EU were completed.


Corporate Identity and new logo projects were completed.


2000 m² additional building investment as a new production area continues.