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Containerized Auxiliary Steam Boiler System for the Power Plants

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  • 22 June 2020

Our Turnkey 8 tph – 8 bar – 260 oC Superheated Steam Boiler project has been successfully commissioned. All main and auxiliary equipment has been assembled at the factory for reducing installation time and cost.

Project Location: Bandırma / Balıkesir / Turkey
Purpose of Project: Supplying of Gland Steam to the Steam Turbine
Power Plant Capacity: 1543 mWe total
Power Plant Type: Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP)

Scope of Project;

* Saturated Steam Boiler
* External Superheater
* Spray-Scrubber Type Deaerator
* Blowdown Tank
* PLC controlled Automation Control Board
* Water Quality Monitoring and Chemical Dosing System
* Nitrogen Blanketing System
* Fire Extinguishing & Alarm System
* Containers
* Piping for steam, water, air etc. (including heat tracing, isolation etc.)
* 2nd Stage Natural Gas Pressure Reducing Stations

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